Re: XPA 4.7.1 RIA Android License error -119 ERR LICENSES EXCEEDED

Todd Baremore

Disregard.  I forgot to set the Deployment Mode to Background.


On 5/7/2021 4:01 PM, Todd Baremore wrote:
I'm trying to upgrade my RIA Android app from XPA3.2e to 4.7.1

In 3.2e and 3.3h  I'm able to run the project from the toolkit and have my laptop act as a server for my Android app.
In 4.7.1 I can see the first request from the Android app in the Broker monitor, but then I get -119 ERR LICENSES EXCEEDED.

I've been through the magic.ini, mgrb.ini and mgreq.ini files and they are correct. My toolkit license is for T=MGCSTK.  The toolkit works fine. I did not install the Web Client files during the install.

Any ideas?


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