Re: Problem with HTTPPost in XPA3.3

Todd Baremore


This string is only partially url encoded:

Try this site for url encoding:

On 5/11/2021 7:31 PM, Graham White wrote:


I am trying to obtain a token for MS Graph using HTTPPost but running into trouble.  This curl command works fine and I am returned a valid token

curl -k -X POST -d "grant_type=client_credentials&client_id={OUR_CLIENT_ID}&client_secret={OURCLIENTSECRET}&" "{OURCLIENTTOKEN}/oauth2/token"

In XPA I create a blob (Call it XX) and initialise it with 'grant_type=client_credentials&client_id={OURCLIENTID}&client_secret={OURCLIENTSECRET}&'

I then do the following 

Whenever I do this I get an error below.  Can anyone throw some light on where I am going wrong?

"error": "invalid_request",
   "error_description": "AADSTS900144: The request body must contain the following parameter: 'grant_type'.\r\nTrace ID: 788e0f00-751e-402e-a5fc-6f1645bfbf00\r\nCorrelation ID: 3ac34f6d-6edf-40ef-b53d-5666f886e93c\r\nTimestamp: 2021-05-11 23:03:59Z",
   "error_codes": [
   "timestamp": "2021-05-11 23:03:59Z",
   "trace_id": "788e0f00-751e-402e-a5fc-6f1645bfbf00",
   "correlation_id": "3ac34f6d-6edf-40ef-b53d-5666f886e93c",
   "error_uri": ""


Graham White

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