Re: Incremental search optimization #mssql

Adrian Wick

Thank you Steven Burrows!

To be honest i would love to completely remove the incremental search ... But sadly we cannot live without it. Its a "must" feature.

I turned on logging to see exactly what is sent to the database. Like i mentioned in my first post, changing index to clustered and adding
a new index which includes the field i search on + clustered field makes a BIG BIG difference. If i have the same setup, except for clustered
index, i see a very small improvement. if any at all.

So i think ill just alter the index and add a new one. or two ... I have to look on how many fields we do incremental searches.

I also dug a little deeper and found a settings in ini:
CacheSizeArrayFetch = 100

which means 100kb 

Isn't 100kb low for todays network traffic? Did anyone change this setting? I don't see any improvement when changing this to a higher number ...


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