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Jackson, Adam

HI Steve,
Thanks, got it working though there seems to be some character limit on the data and column name arguments. When I restrict the columns so length of these are 257 chars it works. If I add one more column on to make length 273 it stops working ☹ Luckily, it also does not need the "Virtual." Bit at the beginning of the data variables or I would even get less columns in. I guess I'll have to use really short column names to get the file created, read it back in as a blob and replace short column names with the ones I actually want. As sometimes the case with Magic functionality - close but no cigar.

Thanks again for the help, regards,



This may be one of those secret handshake things for which Magic's documentation is infamous, but I don't think you can use the DataViewTo••• functions in a Batch task, at least not in a Direct SQL Batch task, at least not that I've ever been able to make it work. For what it's worth, using the Pervasive SQL gateway and evaluating a DataViewTo••• function anywhere in a Direct SQL Batch task's Record level elicits the ODBC error, "Invalid cursor state" – there's a hint buried in there.

The only way I found to use DataViewTo••• functions with Direct SQL is in an Online task. This just means that you have to rig the Online task to work like a batch task, that is, in-an-out, one-and-done.

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