Re: Expression Screen NOT showing

Jakes du Preez <dupreez.jakes@...>

There is a little Windows trick that may work.

Press <Alt>+<Spacebar> which will activate the context menu of the “hidden” active window. Press M to Move, then press one of the keyboard arrows. This will start to move the window; thereafter you can move the window by sliding your mouse. Left-clicking will drop it wherever your cursor is located

On 26 May 2021, at 07:46, Friedrich Geisler-Buckert <Friedrich@...> wrote:

Hi Kevin,

this can e.g. happen if you change form a 2-Monitor to Single-Monitor system. The Screen is just on the 'missing' screen.

There are  tow options to fix the problem:
  • delete the registry entry for xpa (of course it is like a reset after a new install)
  • try to catch the window an move it:
    1. open the hidden expression editor
    2. use ALT+Space+V to move the window
Btw; this happens in all xpa versions.

Best regards

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