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Tom Worthen

Hi Joe,


Thanks for the reply. I just checked the ini and that is my setting for HTTPFramework.


Any other things I need to check?


We are currently using their test services and not the production ones. One thing I thought was odd is that they don’t have a “link” to a wsdl. They have a wsdl they just don’t have it accessible from a URL or at least we have not found one. My boss has been on the phone with them even getting it to work with Soap UI.





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HI Tom,

We have been using the api to book/get tracking  for years now


First thing to check in ini file that need to have, ( related to TLS security )

 HTTPFramework  = D


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Subject: [magicu-l] xpa 4.7 - FedEx api


We are working towards a way to integrate some of the services with FedEx using there api. We have gotten it working with Soap UI but when I try to do the same process in xpa it tells me the service we are looking for is not available. It appears that it is connecting to the URL but something else is failing.


Has anyone done this that could maybe point me in the correct direction?


This is USA FedEx is case that makes a difference.


Tom Worthen

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