Event in MP not triggered. [XPA4.7] vs [XPA3.2]

Florian Groothuis

I have an application which uses a HTML-page in a webbrowser control in the Main Program to navigate. When I have a window open and I click on this HTML-menu (any option) it navigates fine in 3.2. It also navigated fine in 4.71, but I have 4.72 installed and suddenly it stopped working. If I close the window I can navigate with this menu again. What changed that prevents this event (Webbrowser.Navigating()) to be triggered.

The event is in the main program and is set to Subtree. I also tried Global, but no difference.

I rebuild it on a different machine which has 4.72 not installed but no navigation their either.

Any window will block this event so a change in the behavior of the program with the open window is not likely. Props of both MP's are the same. 

Thanks in advance!


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