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Thanks to all for your ideas. Now for testing...

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Hi Arch,

The two units one of our clients are using are from  CHAINWAY   …

Older model  C4050

Newer    C66


They have builtin barcode reader ( laser )  and android

The barcode reader I believe has ability to dump what was read to keyboard buffer, so no special programming to read barcode data


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We are using standard batch-mode scanners (Zebra LI-4278) to scan packages for shipment. After a batch is scanned as the truck is being loaded, data is uploaded to a Magic program for inventory and documents. Our problem is that the user doesn't know if there has been a bad read until uploading at which time the truck is already loaded.


Wondering if anyone has found/devised a barcode data collection system that has enough intelligence to do some real-time analysis of scanned barcodes to determine things such as length read, all numeric, etc. and beep on failure so the user can rescan on the spot.


Perhaps an application on a phone if the scanning capabilities are adequate.


Any ideas?


Arch Lineberger

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