Exit Without Saving Event? #ria #xpa

Lic. Marvin Vidal


I'm trying to create a cancel button, like windows applications does: exit without saving any change. I'm working with RIA with deferred transaction option, so I know that data will no be saved until I exit, but I want to the "do not save anything" option too.

I have the "Cancel" event, but it just undo the current record edit. "Exit" and "Exit System" save every change. So I have created my own event "myCancel", that evaluate the rollback function like this:"RollBack('FALSE'LOG,1)" and then I raise the "Exit" event.

My new user event is working fine so far, but I just wanted to know if  this is ok or if there's a better to achieve my goal.

Best regards,

Marvin VIDAL

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