Re: Transparent PNG in output form

Todd Baremore


The problem is the foreground color of the image is set to transparent. This will print black.  You need to set the background color of the image to transparent.

I use IcoFX for creating icons and modifying existing png/jpg files. The Business License is $50.00 US.   I find it very easy to work with it.
On 7/30/2021 6:14 AM, Adrian Wick wrote:

Hello all,

I am am trying to include a simple transparent png file at the end of an printer output. But the transparancy turns out black.

Things i have done:
- transparent png (checked)
- style 2D (checked)
- image color background transparent (checked)
- image style (tried all ... copied, fill, fit, ... all the same)

What am i missing?? At the moment i am printing into pdf.


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