Re: [EXTERNAL][magicu-l] UP1.9 Cannot display Font or Color Settings

Todd Baremore


Try deleting the contents of
On 8/3/2021 6:32 PM, Jim Stephenson wrote:

Thanks Wes, that took care of one of the issues. The one where fields get dropped onto the right border. 

But, it didn't do anything about the Font, Color, Logical Name, etc... panels not showing up.

On Tue, Aug 3, 2021 at 12:43 PM Wes Hein <wes.hein@...> wrote:
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MSE\uniPaaS\1.9 in the registry.  If you delete the 1.9 it resets everything back to 'stock' or you can delete individual settings.  Of course fiddle in the registry at your own risk!


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Something strange is happening when I try to view my Font or Color Settings in UP1.9.

When I go to Options\Settings\Fonts (or Colors) it acts like it is bringing up the panel with the Fonts on it, but nothing shows up. The toolkit thinks that it is displaying the panel though. I am guessing something happened to where the panel is being displayed and I just cannot see it.

Is there a registry setting or something like that I need to reset so that it appears on top of the toolkit again?

I just thought of another strange thing occurring...

When I add new edit fields to an existing screen the fields get automatically set to the right border of the screen no matter where I try to drop them on the screen.

Any ideas what is going on?


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