Using 3rd party DLLs [XPA4.7]

Florian Groothuis

I'm entering a blackbox area for me here.

I have a supplier of scales who delivered me a scale and the software that goes along with it. I have to connect to the scale and start pushing commands to that scale, but I have no idea how to use the dll's that came with the installation of the software.
I also got a VB-solution that uses a library to operate the scale. The DLL's are all in de folder where the software was installed: "C:\Program Files\...".
When I create a .NET-entry in the CRR none of the components show up in the .NET Assembly Selection. Picking it manually reports an error:

"Failed to load assembly BVSconnect.dll. Cannot load file for assembly BVSconnec, version=, Cultrue=nuetral, PublicKeyToken=null. This assembly is compiled for another processor"

Instructions like CallDll also give errors like Module Not Loaded.

Can someone help me here?



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