Re: Open UP1.9 Developer in RunTime Mode

Steven Blank


Is this a one-off? Or an ongoing operation?

If the latter, I should strongly suggest you consider purchasing an MGPART1 license, also known as Partitioning Lite, 5-threads — well-under a thousand USD, the last I had need.

Then you can call it from the command-line; or from another Magic operation with Call Remote, anywhere on the network; or schedule tasks using Windows Task Scheduler. It does NOT accept http requests, so it's secure by virtue of it's ignorance.

If the former, why not just use the runtime? Why does it need to be the Studio? If it NEEDS to be the Studio, then look into the "Tools Infrastructure" topic and its "Automatic Processing" subsection. It's in the online Help.

Steven G. Blank
SGBlank Consulting

On 4/6/2022 1:59 PM, Jim Stephenson wrote:
I am sure this is a strange request.

I have a need to open a UP1.9 Studio license in RunTime mode and run a specific Program and then close the app.

Is that even possible?

I can run a shortcut that will open UP1.9 and login. But even though I have the INI set to open in mode 'R', it opens in ToolKit mode until I press Ctrl-F7 to go to RunTIme. When I do that it starts the program I told it to run in my record main.

But I need this to be unattended.

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