Re: DBNETLIB ConnectionOpen(Connect()). SQL Server does not exist or access denied

Steven Blank


It sounds to me like you need to increase the Max. connections property for the MicrosoftSQLServer DBMS:

According to the help file, when Max. connections is set to zero (0), Magic uses the default number of three (3), so I would set the number to something like six (6) and see if that doesn't correct your immediate issue.

Steven G. Blank
SGBlank Consulting

On 4/25/2022 11:28 AM, Roberto Ramirez Cervantes wrote:

Hello All,

We have a batch process in XPA 4.71 vs MSSQL.
If we 1 instance of this process in 3 different VMs everything is fine.
If we 2 instances of this process in a single VM everything is fine.
If we 3 instances of this process in a single VM the process shows this error message after about 10 minutes.

I have gone over past posts in here and we have not found a solution; just wondering if anyone have found and solved this problem recently.

Thank you.

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