Re: Build ECF in Azure DevOps pipeline Magic 3.3



For Powershell the inline script is:
d:\_work\A2\64\b\MagicStudio33\MgxpaSettings.exe /CreateECF "edp_path=d:\_work\A2\64\s\Project\Project\Project.edp" ",ecf_path=d:\_work\A2\64\a\Project.ecf"

Notice that I leftout the \ECF folder in the ecf_path parameter.
MgxpaSettings.exe /CreateECF will not create a folder. That was problem #1.

Problem #2 was that you need to have all Magic component ecfs available.
It was sufficient to copy them next to the Project.edp file.

But problem #3 is still a mystery.
The Powershell script only makes an ECF when under the Advanced options the Fail on Standard Error and Show warnings as Azure DevOps warnings are checked.
For testing I use a local vsts-agent. So I could use ProcessMonitor to see what happened while the MgxpaSettings.exe was running.
I found that the source is copied to %TEMP% xml file by xml file. Probably they are also encrypted and zipped. 
In between the virus scanner checks these new files!
I think that the virus scanner causes a problem, but I could not find a clear indication for it in the ProcessMonitor log.

Does anybody know of problems with automatic building of an ECF and virus scanners?


Meis Wietze Lammers

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