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Locating on a null() value should work.

So on both the lower and upper locate expression put an expression null()





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Onderwerp: [magicu-l] SQL Dates in Magic 101




Probably should have worked this out ages ago but struggling with locating on null datetime fields inside a LQ or LW though I suspect would be same in main table too. I have a null allowed date field in a table. I want to locate on that column (among others) to find out if there are one more null values in that column (it’s a Date Completed column and I’m trying to find if there are any incomplete records). I have tried locating on the following and either get no records or mainly cast error; ‘00/00/0000’DATE, ‘00/00/0000’,0,null(),’’. I have also tried locating on time part of datetime pair but makes no difference. In my desperation I have changed the null allowed setting in the data repository. The only method I have got working is to add a logical virtual to the LQ initialised on Completed = ‘00/00/0000’DATE and locate on this being true.


I am sure there must be a simple way to do this most simple of things. Can anyone help?


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