Make Subforms behave as a single screen

Roberto Ramirez Cervantes

Hello All,

In Magic, if you want to display a one-to-many relationship (i.e. an Order screen that displays Order Number, Customer Info, Order Date at the top of the screen and a table at the bottom displaying the Order Line items related to the current Order), the use of a SubForm control with the arguments that will ensure the information in the Order Line program\task are a match for the Order Header data is an easy one-step solution.

If you run the program it is clear that these two programs\tasks look like a single screen, but if you try to use the <Tab> or <Shift+Tab> keys to go in or out of the Order Line fields you will either get "stuck" in the Order Line screen, you cursor will change direction, not park in the correct Order Line field or jump to an unexpected field in the Order Header screen, classic Magic behavior for one-to-many environment; not to mention that pressing the <Esc> key while in the Order Lines will park the cursor on the first field of the Order Header screen instead of closing the screen.

Before I start implementing a solution for these issues by hand, is there a setting that I am missing right now or coming down the pipeline that will automatically make these two screens\programs\tasks REALLY behave as a single one?

Thank you.

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