Re: Make Subforms behave as a single screen

Steven Blank

It won't be so bad.

In the table control, for example, you'll only have to intercept events on the first and last columns — in between, the default behavior should work as is — and upon entering and leaving the table(subform). Handle the exceptions. Expect it to be an iterative* process. Then expect your first actual user to promptly break it. ("Why did you hit THAT key?")  ;)

Steven G. Blank
Ξ SGBlank Consulting

*trial and error

On 5/19/2022 4:04 PM, Roberto Ramirez Cervantes wrote:
Thank you Steven,

I was afraid of that... it will be tedious work but I think it will be worth it to take out Magic's idiosyncrasies from these kind of programs\screens


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