Re: Magic for Windows and Btrieve reliability - is any body really happy?

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I'm a little unsure about something...does MSE support Magic with Btrieve 7?
I thought Btrieve 7 was still an "unknown" and therefore MSE won't support
it. We have 2 servers with Btrieve 6.15.451 and the other
with Pervasive.SQL (Btrieve 7). The one with Btrieve 7 doesn't seem to be
any faster, and it gives us a ton of problems...frequent Fatal Error 46's
are the worst, and I've tested after hours with programs which I KNOW should
not cause a 46. I still prefer 6.15.


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Back in the old days (through Magic 5), the combination of Magic and
Btrieve was "rock-solid" - When something didn't work, it was because
of something I did wrong - virtually without exception.

Recently, however, I'm seeing an increasing number of
significant problems on the maillist related to the combination of
Magic 7-8/Btrieve 6.15/7 on multiuser systems. Some of the issues
relate to speed, others to record and file locking. I have the
uncomfortable feeling that many of the issues raised are not curable
by "tuning", but are the result of design problems in Magic or Btrieve
(or both).

Clearly the correspondence here is heavily weighted toward solving
problems, and in that context I'd be interested in hearing about
"success stories" - that is, large multiuser systems which work
quickly and reliably - and how you got them to function that way.

Thanks in advance.

Sherm Levine

Sherman Levine
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