Craig Martin <craig_martin@...>

Ian Whybrow writes:
For one that works now but costs you money,
try Open Sesame Systems in Toronto or Montreal
(Contact Don Ferguson or Moe Nawaz in
Toronto at donf@... or -- oops
-- can't find Moe's email) or contact Craig Martin
who is in the final stages of
building similar DLL at craig_martin@....
Craig also has a great multi-purpose DLL called
Hot Fudge that you may like to
check into at
Ah, who needs a marketing department when I have
Ian and the mail list... :-)

Sorry, my 'holiday' got in the way but the elves are
now busy cooking up some new Fudge goodies
just in time for Xmas. It may even include what you say.

You're beginning to make all this Hot Fudge stuff
seem like a Microsoft product, Ian :-)
(ie. pre-announced by several years).
Apart from the fact I have less money and less bugs than
Microsoft that is.

Maybe Mr. Eric Gagne wants to post his forthcoming
comms thing as part of Hot Fudge and we start a group
happening with Magic dll-madness unleashed
on an unsuspecting universe.
("Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm")

Now how can I become Bodhisattva with
all this ego-stroking.... (very big grin)


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