ODBC error Row length too big

"Kevin Collins" <kcollins@...

Has anyone worked with ODBC enough to have experience this problem?
ODBC ACCESS Database. I can open this table in Access with no problem. I do
a 'Get Definition' and the table def. is read into Magic with no error. When
I Ctrl-G I get the following error: 'Row length too big'. Here is the
definition of that error in the Magic_Errors.pdf file:
'The size of the table exceeds the maximum size allowed or the maximum size
specified for a particular database.'

This error indicates that it is a limitation on the database, but I can open
it in another application.

I could not find any documentation for the ODBC gateway on the v8.2e CD.

Table in question:
Columns, Indexes, Size=128, 7, 2107 respectively.



Kevin Collins

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