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Ian Whybrow <sales@...>

Regarding merge for printers. I have already dropped this suggestion in the suggestion
box at Magic's main site. YOu should do the same as I have had responses to
suggestions there. This would be a very desirable feature for us too!

Ian Whybrow
Logistics Technologies
MAGIC in Transportation Logistics

Gustavo C SANTIAGO wrote:

I wish to add some things...
In perspective you may to consider the last version 8 (I have 8.01a),
that come with PREVIEW and other things.
v8x have HTML functions (but not with Desktop version). The interface
is more modern (flat toolbar buttons and toolbar image) and show the
username at the bottom of the screen. For graphic printer properties you
find copies expression and Landscape orientation. For standard file are
a new set of properties for MERGE and Output Merge operation work on
this (I wish this will work for printer then We can do template forms
for end users). Another important adding is DEBUG but I'm not using too
much. Have incorporated new behavior for cache files.
This new behavior come with job for you to tunning locking, but I
survived with this. (I change v7 to 8 too).
V7 is doubtless more stable, only take a look to the revisions history.


PS: I don't know why the actual revision of 8.01 is ONLY a-2. (May be
MSE discontinue 8.01 for 8.2 THAT I PAY AGAIN or I'm wrong - Yoram?)

Harry Kleinsmit wrote:

From: Harry Kleinsmit <info@...>

We currently have an app. in V7..
Are there any advantages (and disadvantages) to upgrade to 8?
Advantages : More bugs solved, unlimited task nesting, cut/paste tasks across
programs, new functions (STRTOKEN, EURO..., etc.).Disadvantages : I personally
found V7 more stable.

Do the screens need to be redone?
No, but you can use '3D windows' fields, which basically have white background
instead of the all gray screens. Also disabled text is now schadowed instead of
dotted and the check box is now checked instead of crossed.

programming changes?
Not really. I've heared there were some things you shouldn't do in V8 which were
perfectly okay in V7 but I've also heared that these were going to be solved in
V8.3 which is due to be released this month (I hope <g>).


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