Re: Form properties/Hyperlink/Magic system

Robert Andrews <squirrel@...

Im not sure exactly waht you mean but each instance of magic can have it own
Magic.ini and can have a different application name useing the same control just
edit each ini file

"Railsback, Roy" wrote:

From: "Railsback, Roy" <Roy.Railsback@...>

We have a need to run multiple instances of a Magic application and each
instance would run the same ctl but would have a different application name.
Unfortunately the application name apparently has to be hardcoded in the
programs system name. We've tried to use a logical name, but this hasn't
worked. Our only option appears to be to export, duplicate the export
several times and then edit the file to change the Magic System names in the
programs to what we want. Has anyone been able to make this setting dynamic?

Thx, Roy

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