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*You don't have to join this group if you were a member of the Yahoo group. Just send new messages to or log in with the email address you used there.* This is the Magic xpa (formerly known as uniPaas, eDeveloper, Magic, and Magic PC) RADD Software users group, formerly hosted at You can submit bug reports to our sub group ( ) or email them to Please remember to *include the name and version number* of the affected product. Click here ( ) for the Magic wishlist ( ). This is an English language group. Non-English posts are acceptable IF they contain an English translation. Many group members are not native English speakers. For their benefit, do not use SMS-style shortcuts. Punctuate your posts normally and spell out each word fully. ~~~ SPAMMERS' POSTS ARE IMMEDIATELY DELETED AND THEIR SENDERS BANNED, SO *DON'T BOTHER*. ~~~ To prevent spam, new members' posts are moderated. This means that a post will not show up in the group until it is approved by one of the moderators. This will almost always happen in less than 24 hours. Please do NOT double post! If you find that this is not a group that you wanted to join, you can unsubscribe via email by sending a post to Magic xpa, from Magic Software Enterprises, is an integrated development environment for developing database applications.  It has gateways for SQLite, MySQL, PVSW, CISAM, Oracle, DB2, MSSQL and ODBC; and deployment engines for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows, and iSeries. The primary purpose of this group is to share problems and solutions regarding the use of magic xpa, uniPaas, eDeveloper and previous versions of Magic software. I hope you find this group to be a really wonderful resource.
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  • magicu-l | BrownBagBoard
    This is an integration to the Brown Bag Tech Conference board on Trello ( ). It's just in a test phase now but it will be opened up if it looks useful.
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  • magicu-l | BugReports
    This sub-group is *only for reports of bugs* in Magic products. Each message MUST include the name and version number of the product involved.
    43 Members, 15 Topics, Public Archives, Last Post:
  • magicu-l | WishList
    Write up features you'd like added to Magic and post them here.
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