Performing Web Service in Magic XPA 3.2/3.3


Hi all,

Is anyone here can teach me how to create web service and use web service inside magic xpa?

and also want to get data / information from the web service that I'm going to create inside the magic xpa...

please help,

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I tried for 3 weeks, found absolutly 0 information. Does not worth the hussle

Brenda Bullorini

Have you follow the instructions in the help?

How Do I Provide Web Services with Magic xpa?

I've never provided ws with xpa but I just tested it and it works


Yes, I've already tried the help... but on how to use the web service.... what I want is, how can I use them in the logic area of the program? Using also the request/response... or the get/post methods???

Thank you!

Brenda Bullorini


First you have to know your wsdl url.
Enter to the systinet admin console

Open WebServices tree, click on your webservice and in "List of Service Instance's Endpoints", click on the given Urls and it would take you to the wsdl
For example mine was this

Copy that url.
Go to the Studio, Options - settings - web services - new line
Enter the name you want. In server select SOAP, and then press Alt + Enter.
In WSDL Url you should past the url you copied before. Maybe you will have to change the server name for the IP if it doesn't work.

To consume the ws:
New line - Invoke - Web S
F5 to select the ws

In arguments you will see the in parameters and in Return you will get the response


Hi Brenda,

Wow! That's nice!

Hmmm, I wonder how you create a request/response on your wsdl? Is there any logic inside your webservice for response of the hello world?

Thank you!

Brenda Bullorini

Yeah I just created a batch program with one alpha parameter (the request)
and on the task suffix I updated a variable with the alpha I want to return as a response.
Then enter to the program properties with Ctrl P and set that variable as Return value.

I asume you can do more complex request/responses by using Blob instead of just Alpha.
Then you will have to create your own xsd for the request/response structures, build xmls using those and save them as Blob variables.
I never tried it on xpa, only with xpi and it's much easier to work with webservices and xmls

(Excuse my English)


Hi Brenda,

This topic is so helpful! Thanks to you!

hmm, here's my next question : how can I use WebService as a Database? How to do that?

and also, can you show me how you do webservice with request/response on magic xpi? (Bonus knowledge? ^_^)

Thank you!


And also an addition, how can I output the webservice into the program form?

Thank you!