Trying to recreate edp project


Hello everybody !
I have an old proyect 'myproject.edp' written in magic 1.8, if I open it I can see only 330 programs in the repository, I really have almost 450 so if I explore the "source directory" where xml files reside there are 450 programs ( prg-450.xml) besides ProgramHeaders.xml and Progs.xml.
 Question: Is there any way to integrate all 450 programs to my project again ?...export/import functionality did not work. I took a look inside Progs.xml file and all 450 are referenced there.
Any help will be appreciated

Andreas Sedlmeier

Does not sound good. Do you try to open that project with "Magic 1.8" (whatever that is) ? You can import the programs which are missing one by one but they will be broken and require manual adjustment. You can also try to delete "ProgramHeaders.xml" (which will be recreated automatically) .... after you did an backup. Maybe that helps.

I dont know about a "330 programs limitation" but make sure that you work with a MGCSTK license. Maybe you have MGDEMO active ?

Best regards,



Andreas, thanks for your help

Well,  I have  the MGSTK license installed since always.  I will take the routs you mention, may be   I can recover something.

Windows 10 automatic updates  was the cause, after one updating, several programs were erased automatically by Window from my pc, one of them was Visual Source Safe 5.0, versions of the edp were managed by this program, I tried to restore it from Windows.old dir with no success. So you all be carefully. Backups needs be up to date. :-)
Thanks again.