Strange behavior of v8.30 and/or Pervasive 11

Bob Witte

I have an application only recently moved from v5.60 to v8.30 that is behaving "badly" all of a sudden. 

In a child screen hosting sub-task, linked lines are being wiped out under certain conditions.  The cursor has to be on the first field and when the <F3> is confirmed, the user sees this error msg: "record has been deleted/updated or cannot be locked." Apparently, the second field has to have a restriction on the cursor stopping there.  When next pressing a key, it triggers a "roll up" that deletes any/all of the child records in the view.

Normally Google is my friend in these cases, but has come up short this time.  Any thoughts on what's going on and/or a solution??

Bob Witte

Bob Witte

Answering my own question ... After much reading and more than the usual T&E runs, apparently, turning off the file cache setting in the ^D table stops the errant behavior (go figure!?).

Once again, all is well in Muddville! :-)