Remote printeing to default longer works for magic in Windows 10.


Just want to confirm something.  For  years my programs have sent all magic print jobs to "printer1" which resolves to the default printer selected.  This worked for desktop and remote printing. 
A month ago we upgraded our host computers to windows 10 and Magic remote printing stopped working.  It would only print to the default of the host.  and would not switch to the default of the client.  It would continue to print to the default of the host.  All other windows programs worked in printing to the selected printer of the client.  But not Magic.  
We are resolving this by inserting a route to a named printer throughout our code.  we are naming it "remote"  and putting a line in the ini for "remote = printername\ \ \ \ …  then it will route to the printer at the client.  but I wonder why no one else is having this problem. 
probably because no one is lazy and uses the "default" as the printer of choice.  If you name the printer in the .ini and in the code, no problems.  but that will require work.
Any comments

Wes Hein

We do a lot of printing using remoteapp, For 'normal' printing we never put a printer name in Printer1 and it seems to go to the clients default printer. (Well like 98% of the time).  Copiers do seem to give us the most fits.

We also print to a receipting printer and I don't want the user to have to pick the printer each time so I use

Printer2 = Star TSP100 Cutter (TSP143) (redirected 22),,,40 in the magic.ini

When the cash receipting loads and the user is on remoteapp, I use a program that Heidi posted years ago that collects the name of all the printers on the users computer into a table.  I then take the Printer2 name, remove the last 5 letters or so,  loop through the devices printer names looking for a close match.  So if today it is Star TSP100 Cutter (TSP143) (redirected 239) I do a iniput to update Printer2 to the printers current name.



Thnks Wes. that's about what I was thinking.  Im gonna do a shortcut to the app that has ini entry for printer1 that is tailored to the remote user and name printer1 to their remote.  when that shortcut is used it will name the designated printner at the remote client as printer1.  all other logins will let printer1 stay blank and go to the default.
should work.
What is don't understand is why it stopped working with windows 10.  until then the default selected at the host would be obeyed and to the redirected printer at the client.  with windows 10 magic no longer goes to the redirected printer.


note: here is work around:
normal .ini 
Printer1 = ,SUPPORT\lj3.atr,,60

special ini that the user has when remote:
/[MAGIC_PRINTERS]Printer1 = remote (redirected 1),support\lj3.atr,,60

we invoke the ini when calling magic with the following
 \deployxpa\MgxpaRuntime.exe  @specialremote.ini 


thanks all