Web Cam Capture Application

Jim Stephenson

I have been using ActiveID for years in v9.4 and UP1.9 programs to allow me to capture images from a Webcam and not had any problems with it.

I am guessing that a recent Windows 10 update made some change that has impacted the ActiveID activex functionality and it will now no longer bring images up on the screen. I don't think this program is being actively maintained anymore though so I have no way to contact them to find out what might have happened.

I have a couple of questions...

1. Does anyone have any idea what might be the issue with it all of a sudden not working? I know I have not given a lot of details. But, I don't have a lot of details to give. What used to happen is when the program with the activex control was started the camera would come on and we could see whatever it was pointing at. Now, it just comes up black, like it isn't turned on. But, the indicator light is on for the camera, so we know that it is finding it.

2. What other options is anyone using for capturing stills from a webcam in UP1.9 programs?