MSSQL Execute Stored Procedure - Handle Return values/arguments

Roman Goldenberg

Hi Gábor ,
if you return string fields you need to change in field properties from string to zstring

Gábor Bor

Dear Viktor,

I'm gonna try it, thanks!

Best regards,


Dear Gábor,

Why don't you use scalar-valued function? That works perfectly.


Gábor Bor

Dear Magicians,

I would like to aks you to give me some example how to handle well the return values/arguments when i execute Stored Procedure via MSSQL. I'm using them with Oracle several times and it works perfectly, but execure SP and handle return values/return arguments when these are come back from MSSQL database then i get problems, it may works different.

Im thinking about bindings, special characters.... :)

Cheers and thank you,