sfdatagrid virtualization and binding 100k records or more #performance #sql #dotnet #xpa

Adrian Wick

Hi everyone,

in the example that came along with syncfusion installation there a sample of how to load large number of records into sfdatagrid in less than a second.
If i lunch their example, it loads 1 million records in 0.6 sec. That is impresive!

So i tried to load 200k records in XPA ... enabledatavirtualization does nothing.

i used direct sql and if i use magic table on a form it loads everything imediately (2 seck for sql fetching, but displaying the records in a table in instant!). But when i use sfdatagrid it takes 8 - 9 sec to display the same dataview ... 

I have tried all ways of bidning data that can be found in dotnet 3rd party samples in MS data grid:
DataGrid - From Magic DS
DataGrid - DataViewToDNDataTab
DataGrid - DataView Binding

I was not able to come close to the example provided by syncfusion.

Has anyone ever managed to get close to fast binding times with 3rd party libraries? Or is this just something that cannot be done and
ill have to go and start using pagination?

best regards,