Runtime doesn't take focus [XPA 4.7]

Florian Groothuis

When I run a project from the studio the runtime of that project normally takes focus, at least, that's what I'm used to. But when I run a projects from XPA 4.7 Studio the focus stays on the studio instead of the started project. Is that a setting somewhere?

Frederik Soete

Hi Florian,

I have not used XPA 4 in a serious way as of yet. But I think this is an older bug. XPA 3 also has its occasions where you start a runtime, and no window is visible. In those cases, I stop the runtime, and restart it again. This fixes it.


Frederik Soete

Florian Groothuis

The Runtime window is visible, but the focus stays on the studio, so for instance you start typing some incremental search but instead your overwriting your program name...

George Stewart

I also had an issue with this, although it was sporadic. Try adding a .NET invoke to your main program task prefix to fetch the runtime window and then you can call BringToFront() on it. Something like:

using System.Windows.Forms;
Form mdiChildForm = Application.OpenForms["MDIClientForm"];
Form form = mdiChildForm.MdiParent;

Bear in mind, this will probably only work if the Open task window option for the main program task is set to Yes.