ToolBox Library (ver 0.4) #tools #xpa

Roberto Ramirez Cervantes

Hello Fellow Magicians,

A new version of the ToolBox Library is available to you and its web repository (

What Changed:
  • Several program were not sending\receiving the correct parameters to the program "UnPack Parameters".
  • Clear up several duplicated entries inside the Component Resource Repository.
  • Added new program "Check Files To Download" to allow the developer to enter a List of Files to Check and their correspondent Download Links. If a specific file is missing from the user's environment, a window will inform this to the user and allow the user to use the provided link to download the missing file(s).
  • The public name for the program "Attention Window" had a space by mistake, now it has been changed to "AttentionWindow".
  • Added new program "Download Link Window" to allow the developer to present the user with a message and a web address that the user can click.
  • Modified all the programs in the User Windows section, the option to Pack\Unpack Parameters is now disable since these are non-batch programs.
  • The program "Ping" now returns the following values: ToolBox;{Build Date};{Build Time},'{Version Number;{Current System Date};{Current System Time}.
  • The subtitle and divider line displayed in the screen for the program "About Window" did not behave correctly while stretching the window.
  • The logic to call the Error Window if the validation of data failed was missing from several programs.
  • Some programs where missing the "ShowSuccessWindow" and "ShowErrorWindow" parameters.
  • The alignment of GUI Controls on several programs were not consistent.
  • The GUI Controls (Edit, Label, Push Button, etc.) on several programs did not complied with a custom Color\Font Configuration.
  • Several programs marked as OLD or BACKUP with no Public Name were deleted .
  • Several programs in the ENTER DATA section did not behave correctly when the option "Must Input Value" was enabled.
  • A new parameter was added to the "Find and Replace" program to update the Original File received, if the Operation is to Replace a String.
  • A new Image Library module has been created as a substitute for the usage of a resource file (@.DLL) in order to store and display static images for an Application. Thank you Steven Blank and Todd Baremore for your help on the @.DLL issue.
  • A new "tbox_GetImage" function allows the user to fetch an image stored in the Image Library.
  • At start up of the ToolBox Library, the application will move almost all the files inside the Image\ folder into the new Image Library table. Only two image files will remain inside this folder: a default.png file that is used as the Default Image File in the Studio and a treeimages.bmp file to be used inside a Tree Control.
  • In the "View Color and Font Configuration" program, the "Use GUI Screen as Default" button did not update all the settings on the screen.
  • The Calendar program always showed the Week Number as "0".
  • New parameters were added to the Program "Get Program Path" to include the Main Program and output the result of the execution into a Table only.
  • Fixed several issues with the Debugger, including how Break Points are entered\evaluated; new logic was added to ask to ask the user for the unique index columns of a table before logging value changes.
  • The program "Expand Ranges Numeric" failed to validate and invalid range and the flag "Include Ranges" was not implemented correctly.
  • A new parameter to Exclude Files was added to the programs "Get DIR Data (DOS)" and "Get List of Files".
Other News:
  • There are 3 video examples in the ToolBox web repository ( They explain how to setup the Color and Fonts to use the ToolBox Library as a component, how to use the new Image Library and the Debugger modules.
    You can also access these videos from the programs themselves: Open anyone of these three programs, click on its logo\icon to open the Program Information screen, click on the button labeled "Show Example".
  • The ToolBox Library can be open with XPA 3.3j with no modification to the source code whatsoever; but there are two minor issues:
    1. Program "Export Data w/DataView" uses a 4.6 function called "DataViewToJSON" that is not supported in 3.3, so the Checker will complain about this, all other programs above the Work In Progress section, pass the checker with no errors.
    2. XPA 3.3 does not have an entry for Edit controls called "Disable Color", so you will find that almost all programs in the ToolBox have an expression pointing to a Global Variable called "clrfntcnfEditEditDisable" or "clrfntcnfEditQueryDisable" that is not used anywhere because this feature is not in 3.3. Just delete all un-used expressions and you will be ok.