Query Records <=> View Refresh

Undix InformatieSystemen

Hi Guys,
Who can tell me the exact difference between both Events and in what situation do you use them ?
TIA, Teun van Unen.

Undix InformatieSystemen

Answeing not needed anymore : I have received an answer privat. Teun.

JK Heydt

I would like to know the answer.

Adrian Wick

I don't see any connection between those two events.

Query records sets mode of the task to Query mode. I am using this event in record prefix to prevent data from
being modified/deleted, instead of writing an if statement for the task mode ... For instance i have a document
that has a status field (opened, closed). And in record prefix I raise event query records when status is closed.
Or another usage would be "rights". Missing a certain right puts task in query mode by raising query records.

View Refresh simply refreshes whole data in the task. If you have a task with table and you put a button on that task to
open up a subtask where you create records and you want those new records to show up after you close the subtask,
you need to use view refresh to show new created records in the table without needing to close the task and reopening
it after.

Like I said, I don't think the two events have anything in common. Or am I missing something?