Chart Generator


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Roberto Ramirez Cervantes

Good Morning All,

I just released the first version of a Chart Generator program. This Application will give Magic developers a new options for the creation of charts from Magic Applications (XPA 3.3j to XPA 4.8).

If you are using XPA 3.3j, please use the ECF file called "ChartGenerator_ForXPA33j.ecf" This application relies on a 3rd party program called 'gnuplot'; this is an open source, free to use software that specializes in the generation of charts for math and science applications but it can generate your classic lines, bars and pie charts as well.

You can take a look at the gnuplot web page here: "".

Here you can see a sample of the charts that it can generate: "".

The Chart Generator Application also requires the ToolBox Library to be installed in your system (%WorkingDir%\Add_On\ToolBox_. If you do not have this library, you can download it from here "".

You can take a look at a recorded presentation for the Chart Generator here "" to see if it fits your needs.

On the first execution of this Application, your Runtime might close right away to allow required configuration to be saved into the Magic.ini, if you open the Runtime a second time, it should be fine.