RIA Android Timeout-Problem #android #ria #xpa


I have an RIA (Android, XPA 4.8) application that mainly works offline and only connects to the server for data transmission, so ContextInactivityTimeout = 50 is sufficient here
This also works perfectly, but I have the following timeout problem which is driving me crazy:
1. RIA application started, there is also a connection to the server => everything is ok
2. Now IIS on the server is deactivated and an attempt is made to establish a connection via the RIA application => There is a timeout, which always lasts 2 minutes and the 'ServerLastAccessStatus' function returns the status '2 – The Web server was inaccessible' return.

To put it simply: If there is an internet connection (WLAN or mobile-data) but the IIS cannot be reached, the attempt to connect to the server times out by 2 minutes (also the Event Unavailable Server only responds after these 2 minutes)
I've already tested all possible timeouts - I just can't find a way to configure this 2-minute timeout anywhere.
Changes in the IIS connection timeout also have no effect.
Does anyone have any suggestions for a solution to reduce this timeout to 10 seconds?