Showing PDF in browser Control

Marc Gauthier

Thanks Adrian I will explore this option.

Marc Gauthier

Thank Jacek


Hi Marc,

actually you can control quite a bit.
See this document for reference:


Adrian Wick

I believe that using a browser control will always open up a "default app" for displaying PDFs and i couldn't find a way to remove this.

You should look for a specific dotnet pdf component where you can simply hide the toolbar with DNSET function (syncfusion, devexpress, ...). maybe this is free and it is using adobe like you?


Marc Gauthier


Did anyone know how to disable the PDF tools when showing a PDF in a browser control? See image

I'm working on a punch clock station and I want show some pdf in a form - I want restrict users for security reason.

Since it's touchscreen we don't want used Magic preview since the button are too small

I'm using Magic 3.3J

Thank you!