Beware SpecialInitialExpandAll (XPA481)

Steven Burrows

Just a minor heads up warning not just about using the new Special “SpecialInitialExpandAll” (XPA481), but also about the new extended use of the .opt file (XPA48 onwards).


I am not a fan of the new Default that has all Header Groups collapsed, and had been annoyed having to Ctrl+ several times whenever I look at a program for the 1st time.

After a few weeks of use, I noticed that loading my Project into Studio was taking longer and longer (eventually 30 seconds each time). Some comparison setups showed a difference with a larger .opt file which had crept up to several MB. Clearing the .opt file got rid of the long load time, but had lost all information regarding my manually expanded groups.


I thought I would try the new Special in 4.8.1. Not only would it save me the grief of Ctrl+, but would not bloat the .opt file with irrelevant settings and keep my application load speedy.

Half Right – Yes it works to default the groups to Expanded. However, the Expanded settings are ALL stored in the .opt file. Worse – if you do an XRef or full Syntax check the .opt file will have a “ExpandedItems” setting for every single group/element in your application.

In our case, that’s 12MB of .opt file that takes XPA a full 12 minutes to load.


Keep an eye on your .opt file for bloat, and don’t use the new special on a large project.


Not raised as an issue with MSE yet, not particularly confident of an engaging response, but the extended use of the .opt file needs a little work.

Steven Burrows