Brown Bag 2023 call for presenters

Todd Baremore

Fellow Baggers,

Sherm Levine has graciously agreed to do a session on working with curl.  Is there anything specific you would like him to cover?
On 1/3/2023 10:08 PM, Todd Baremore wrote:

Charles Coe and I are very happy to announce that Yuval Asheri (VP Product  XPA ) will be joining Brown Bag 2023 in New Orleans!

Yuval will be covering the following topics:
1. Using GIT , Compare and Merge , suggested development methodologies , pipelines.
JSON creation and manipulation.
Docker current offering and future plans.
4. XPA
4.9 overview  and near future plans.
5. Posing for selfies and signing autographs.

I'm still looking for someone to do a session on Curl.  Any takers?

Conference registration and venue info can be found here:

I've noticed that flights from across the pond have come down significantly:

London - New Orleans round trip

Amsterdam - New Orleans round trip

Frankfurt - New Orleans round trip


On 10/11/2022 2:35 PM, Todd Baremore wrote:
Brown Bag 2023 info can be found here

I will keep the page updated with registrations and session descriptions as I receive them.  Session descriptions will not added until the person registers for the conference.

Until MSE finalizes who they are sending, I will not know what topics will be covered on Day 1.

I have received a number of requests for session topics including using Git for version control and working with XPI.  I am unfamiliar with these topics and will be relying on you to cover these subjects.  Please contact me privately if you plan to attend and are willing to do a session on either topic.

I'm trying to convince someone to do a session on curl.  Hopefully he'll come through for us. 

If anyone has made extensive use of the models repository, this would also be an interesting session.
On 9/21/2022 10:23 AM, Todd Baremore wrote:
Fellow Baggers,

Now that Charles has arranged a beautiful venue and recruited MSE for day 1 sessions, it is my job to recruit speakers/presenters for days 2 and 3.   

The Day 2-3 content is determined by attendees who are willing to contribute their time and effort.  Because of this approach, we are not able to take requests for sessions.  We will have a problem solving session where attendees can present a problem to the group and get help from the collective brain trust.

Brown Bag has always been about us (the community) helping each other by sharing our wisdom and has been a success because of your contributions. 

Please contact me privately with ideas for a presentations.   Session times are free flowing, so don't worry about a minimum or maximum time for a session.   Sometimes Q&A can take an unexpected direction (always in a good way).  You will not be cut off because of a time limit.  Everyone has something to contribute.  This is an extremely friendly group, please don't be concerned with public speaking.

I'll kick off the session offerings with:

Todd - XPA 4.8 RIA Android offline interactive maps in a browser control that communicate with the Magic application on the tablet/phone.  This solution does not use the Google Maps API.  Even if you don't have a GIS requirement for your mobile app, this session may br  helpful in developing offline capabilities for your RIA Mobile application

I'll be maintaining the attendee and session list on a yet to be determined web site.  I'll send a link as soon as it is ready.

Wednesday night dinner at Desi Vega's Steakhouse has become a Brown Bag New Orleans tradition.  Please plan on it if you are not departing until Thursday.

If you are a first time visitor to New Orleans, the music and food are incredible, something for everyone.  If you have any interest in history, I encourage you to visit the National World War II museum.  It is within walking distance of the hotel.
On 9/16/2022 3:53 PM, Charles Coe via wrote:
Our recent survey indicated just over 50% of the responses chose New Orleans for the Conference over the two other cities offered.  Planning for Brown Bag New Orleans 2023 is now complete (and the call for speakers and content planning is in process).  We intend to make this a spectacular training event for Magicians who attend.  

Event and hotel registration links are here: MagicDeveloper.NET
We will also post news and updates on content on this same site as well as pictures of past events.  (

Todd insisted we keep costs low in the spirit of Brown Bag.  To attend the conference is $199.00 for 3 days of Magic training and content.  The really nice hotel we will be at is Harrah's New Orleans with rooms for $199.00/night not including resort fee or taxes (total should be approximately $249.00/night all in).  For those of you who attended Brown Bag New Orleans in the past, this is on the same downtown street as before, but much closer to the Mississippi River (2 blocks away).

We have been told by Magic Software that they will support the conference as in the past by providing Day 1 speakers.  A big thank you to Magic for their continued support of Brown Bag.

Day 2 and 3 will be attendee driven sessions also as in the past that have proven popular.

We do ask that if you are attending from out of town, that you stay at the conference hotel which again is Harrah's New Orleans and make your hotel reservations prior to 2/17/2023 (our room cut-off date), as we have a contractual room night financial commitment to meet (which is how we get the also nice meeting space).  There will be no steaming or on-line options (we're all volunteers who put this on).

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans in March 2023.

Charles Coe and Todd Baremore

Join us for the fun - like that shown in on this web page: Conference News (
Charles Coe, CPA, MCSE

New Orleans, Louisiana