Bug in XPA 4.8.1 Browser Control and BrowserSetContent() ?

Todd Baremore

So it turns out that the Chromium based control will not allow you to reference local files using file://
I was referencing .js, .css and .png files that are stored on the local server.  This is allowed using the .Net control.
The solution is to create an IIS web site on the local server which allows me to reference everything needed using http://
Also, after evaluating BrowserSetContent() you may need to place a Delay(5) to allow any .js  that is being referenced ( <script src=   </script> ) to load.  I was getting function not defined in the debug.log

I still have a few issues to sort out, but it looks like everything I was able to do  using the .Net control will work with the new Chromium control in 4.8


On 5/24/2022 10:13 PM, Todd Baremore wrote:
In 4.7.2 I can init a BLOB with File2Blb('c:\temp\mywebpage.html') and then use BrowserSetContent() to display the page in a browser control

In 4.8.1 nothing is displayed, but if I right click on the browser control and select "View Page source" the content of mywebpage.html appears.

Is this a bug?