Crash Magic v9.4

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I have a strange problem. Using v9.4SP8 with Btrieve Actian v14 on a Windows network.

Stable installation for months, last 3 weeks is v9.4 crashing from time to time. Nothing in MGError.log, nothing in Zen.log. Only a Kernel EventID 1000 in Windows log. 

So I activated the Monitor.log and now it happend: No crashing any more. So I deactivated it: Crashing again. Again activated: No crashing. And so on...........
No way to get more detailed info on the crash this way. I did rebuild some datafiles, but no results.

Someone has experienced something simular? Some suggestions to find the reason of crashing without above mentioned logs?
I am a bit out of possibilities: Same versions are working with other clients, so it has to be the combination of my application and thier network.

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