Disappearing letters in push button text

Thomas Martin <tmartin@...>

At 12/18/98 09:19 AM -0800, you wrote:
From: "Robert Warren" <robertwarren@...>


For some strange reason, the capital letter 'F' causes all the text
following the F to disappear. If you place a backslash in front of the
letter F, it works fine. I don't know if the letter F is some kind of
hidden picture directive or what. I use the letter F to my advantage
however. I can place text on the button, preceded by the letter F (without
the backslash), and it appears during development but disappears during
runtime. I use buttons that return user actions. I usually forget what
button uses what user action. To find out, you have to zoom on the button
and look at the properties. Instead, I put the intended label on the button
and F1 or F2 etc. to tell me the user action. During development my button
looks like this: 'Search F1', the 1 tells me the button uses user action 1.
During runtime the button looks like this: 'Search'.
This is a really slick idea, but it is the kind of thing that can really
"Bite" you in the future -- when MSE decides to get rid of an undocumented

Tom Martin