dotnet SyncFusion coponent #xpa3.3

Adrian Wick

Hello all,

1st of all i realy hope you and your families are safe and healthy!!! Now to my question regarding dotnet 3rd party samples.

In online samples, there are a few examples of how to use 3rd parties components. I am talking about the DevExpress examples and data binding.

SyncFusion is similar to DevExpress ... But for some reason whenever i try to bind data to sfDataGrid component, program crashes ... I have fallowed
their instruction and added all the components needed here:

and added everything here:

i added and put it on the form. Its odd, cause the component shows nothing compared to DevExpress
in which the whole table is already drawn and shown ... And as soon as i add columns in .net properties, program starts to crash ... If no columns are
selected, the form opens, but its empty. Am i missing something? 

Thank you and best regards,

Wilver Gonzalez

Hi, Adrian

We can see the code or someting else? To understand which is the problem?

Adrian Wick

I got it working. I missed the part that in 3rd Party Samples the grid is put on the form as a Model and in that model there were a few options i was missing.
I made a similar model for sf data grid and it works now.

Thank you anyways.