Looking for work

Todd Baremore

I'm looking for short/medium term projects or hourly work.  I can not commit full time.
Willing to travel occasionally if needed.  I'm located in Westchester County New York.

Started working with Magic in 1994.
Currently using XPA 4.8.1 for online desktop and RIA mobile development.  Working with Var functions and Vectors is not a problem.  Seems like quite a few people avoid these.
SQL Server, MySQL and Pervasive/Zen transactional and relational. No Oracle experience.
Built data listening services using Node/MySQL. This alleviated the need to purchase an enterprise server license. The Node services communicate with an XPA desktop application via TCP/IP.
Use Leafletjs to add GIS capability to XPA desktop and RIA Mobile applications.  Have also worked with ESRI ArcGIS and Maptitude. Maptitude has an SDK that is very easy to work with at a fraction of the cost ArcGIS.
Google Charts
WinSCP scripting
I'm comfortable with javascript, but am not an expert.
Wrote a  highly customizable reporting tool in XPA that can create both maps and charts.
Created a document mail merge tool that allows users to define their templates and insert merge tags.
Have worked in the copper alloy business, law enforcement and emergency management. Also worked with an electrical utility company as part of the emergency management solution.   This required submitting utility damage data via a REST API to ESRI ArcGIS.

Willing to demonstrate proficiency in anything mentioned above.

I'm sure I have left out a few things.  Feel free to contact me privately.

Todd Baremore