SHA-256 hash for 9.4


I have a need for a DLL function that can generate a SHA-256 hash from a
I tried using an executable and calling it from within magic 9.4 but it is too
slow when hashing almost 2 billion records.
Therefore I am guessing a DLL function written for magic 9.4 and called from
within magic would be very fast and solve my speed problem.
If there is anyone who is able to write such a function for me, please let me
know (cost?).
Does XPA do hashing?

Thank you


Hi Andy,
I wrote you a private message.

Steve Greenfield

Hi Andy,

I'm using mgcrypt which is in the files section on here - although the Magic wrapper/example is XPA the DLL works with V9.4.


Steve Greenfield
DataFormation UK Ltd

Steven Blank

Mr. Greenfield,

Many thanks for highlighting the brilliant contribution MGCRYPT, shared back in 2018 by, if I may add, our long-time friend and esteemed colleague, Andreas Sedlmeier.


Steven G. Blank
Ξ SGBlank Consulting