Timing out broker requests

Jackson, Adam



We run a broker to handle certain requests. All usually works fine but occasionally we get two long running requests that consume our two licenses for a protracted period and fail all subsequent requests. There is something obviously wrong that we need to get to the bottom of. However, in the meantime is there a timeout setting I can set to kill off long running processes so it is at least these ones that fail and others can proceed ok? There seem to be a few timeout settings but I am not clear which one, if any, will do what I need.


xPa 2.5d


Hope someone can help?








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Kenan Zahirovic

Hi Adam,
You can use "ContextInactivityTimeout" in your Magic.ini file.

"This setting determines the time, measured in tenths of seconds, that a user who is executing a RIA or browser-based program will stay connected to the Magic xpa application while actually being inactive (absence of client/server interaction)."
Default value is 864000 (24 hours)

However, you should find out the source of these long running requests, it's about your code/application.
And yes, it's a pain to detect it ;-(