V8.01a installation problems

Bret Wiener <bret@...>

Reponse to problem #2: When you install Magic, after you've entered YOUR
LICENSE DATA, you must reboot for the new license data to "take effect".
Give it another shot!


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I attempted 2 separate installations this past week. Simple single
workstation installations from the Magic CD.

1. V8.01a Deployment on Win95. I did a straight, accept all defaults,
installation and I got the problem initializing the license
database. I resolved that by moving the WBtrcall.dll files to the
directories... 51K dll was already in the license directory so I moved the
dll from windows&#92;system to the magic&#92;deployment directory. I was then able
to proceed....

2. V8.01 Deployment on Win98. I did exactly the same thing on a win98
machine(at a different client, so the two installations are not related in
way) and was able to launch the License manager and add my license data
and complete that task without a problem. I did not have to shuffle the
However, when I tried to then launch Magic I got a "License Error - unable
access license data". Those may not be the exact words, but this was not
the DB initialization error of the previous install.
I tried the dll shuffle to no avail. I installed on another workstation and
not enter my license info but simply tried to launch Magic expecting to see
the demo application. No way past the license error. (additional inf. both
these machines access a V5.7 version of Magic from an NT server..
conflicts??) Reboots were tried as well...

First, why would the two results be different?

Second, what can I do about the second situation? I hope it is something
simple and I was just too tired to see it, but a simple install from the cd
should probably work!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated....

Brian Scoffield (613) 837-5570
Centillion Information Systems

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