Weird printig photo problem

Adrian Wick

Dear Wizards,

today i came across a weird printing problem. I have a photo on the form. The file is bmp. And everything works
as it should except on one computer. The area where the photo should be is completely black. I tried different photos
(jpg, gif, png ...) and every time the photo doesn't show and is completely black.

I also tried printing directly to PDF in magic ... No luck. Printing to other printers does exactly the same.
I also opened the photo, that is displayed on the form, sent it to the printer and it prints without a problem.

Any ideas what could be wrong?


Wes Hein

What is the transparency setting of the file?  Is the control color black and white or transparent?

Adrian Wick

Hello Wes,

the color used is number "6" which is original color set up by magic. It has a foreground "Windows text" and background "FFFFFFFF".
The image itself is not "transparent".


Harry Kleinsmit

Hi Adrian,

Did you try some of the special settings like :


When this flag is set to Yes, images rendered on a printer device will be resized using a proprietary algorithm rather than that of StretchDIBits().


The internal mechanism that calculates the dimensions and location of controls on a form to be printed out has been improved for better accuracy. Existing reports that might have been affected by the improved mechanism may switch to the previous mechanism by setting this special flag to No.



Setting this flag to Y may solve apparent printing problems.



Some colored images are not printed well when printed to postscript printers. Setting this flag to Y may solve such a problem.

Best regards,
Harry Kleinsmit

Adrian Wick

Hi Harry! 

I did try HighResolutionPrint, but it had no effect ... Didn't know about the other specials. I will give it a try. Thank you!


Adrian Wick

I just tried all and no effect.

I really don't know what else to do ... I will try a simple image of jpg, copied, without border and see what happens.


Angel Alvarado

Hello Adrian Check if there is a windows update, it is possible that causes the problem.

Adrian Wick


its not windows update. This computer got updated a week ago to windows 11. The same problem was before with windows 10 ...