XPA loading question #xpa

Adrian Wick


i have an application which is 45MB large. This app also has components. And those components also have their own components ...
The total size is between 120MB and 130MB.

In my working environment this application loads in 15 sec. But at one customer it takes 35 sec before the 1st component even starts
loading and it takes 35 sec before the 1st line appears in logging file ...

I do believe all the security and other stuff contributes to this. But is there any way to speed this up? Any ideas?

Also one question about components. Lets say i have apps A, B, C, D
A has D
B has A and D
C has A, D and B

And if i open up the C app, how many times should the D component load? 3 times or just 1?

Thank you.